Wikepage is a wiki-standart databaseless php powered wiki-software.

Markup Language

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For example :, But if you want to use linked image then:

PS: You can't link URL pictures. Only local pictures can be linked.

Special Pages

Variable System

Wikepage system has commands set. There are three of them recently:

Template System

If you want to use another page style for any of your pages, now you can use new template system. For example you use 2006.2a with a theme called "2006.2", there must be a "index.html" which is the general template page for all pages. Then make a new template page called "index2.html", put it into 2006.2's theme folder. If you want to view "Search" page with new template, use this type of link: Search


Wikepage has table support.Just begin the line with 4 pipes (|), for each column put 2 pipes (|), and for ending line put another 4 pipes (|). That's all! You can view this page's source to view table below this paragraph.

Cyrocom Homepagehttp://www.cyrocom.com/
SBLisesivdin Homepagehttp://www.cyrocom.com/sblisesivdin


For coloring: Just begin with 2 sharps (#) then input color name and 2 sharps more.. then write the writings that will be colored, then 2 sharps to close. Entered colors used in font tag. Colors are Black, Silver, Gray, Maroon, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Green, Lime, Olive, Yellow, Navy, Blue, Teal, Aqua and White of course. Or use RGB codes like #FF9900.
For example blue writing. Click edit of this page to view.